Best stainless steel drainage trench for driveway
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Best stainless-steel drainage trench kit for driveway and outdoor applications

Best stainless steel drainage trench for driveway* Best Driveway Trench Drain Channel Systems 45' Kit by by LTEC Drains.

* Superior quality outside drainage channel kit made from strong stainless steel material.

* The lifetime expectations of this  stainless steel drainage trench  is much more than 20 to 30 years.

* Perfect to use for driveways, kennels, loading docks, swimming pools, garages, parking lots, buildings and much more…

* Top quality galvanized stainless steel is a vital production element of this exterior drain systems.

* Ultra violet rays, severe hot and cold temperature variations, as well as other factors will not have an effect on this drainage trench system longevity.

* The installation for this exterior drain kit is easy and simple in comparison with almost other drain that can be purchased.

* Many clients have bought our outdoor drain kit after their current poly type or plastic drain has broken down, several within three to five years after installment.

* Product dimensions: 45 Inch Full Kit.

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