How to Clean your shower drain without using nasty chemicals
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How to Clean your shower drain without using nasty chemicals

The toilet smells very bad?  You already know it is the shower room drain letting you know it requires to be cleaned up once again. Do not choose chemical substances!  Go green, as a substitute.

The smell is totally unpleasant. A mxiture associated with decaying hair along with oil coming from cleaning soap can easily block up your shower drain and also send out a putrid, bad-smelling inside the bathroom. Do not get in touch with an expensive pluming company. Most probably, you are able to clean up the shower area drain on your own, and Without the need of chemical substances.

Why to stay away from chemical substances?

The gases coming out from unpleasant chemical shower drains cleaners seem to be poisonous and dangerous for kids, adults and animals. They are certainly not healthy for the atmosphere, as well. Furthermore, the substances can harm metallic water pipes. If case this is just not sufficient, the huge value of these kinds of cleaning items also needs to be taken into consideration.

The best way to clean-up your shower drain system

Caution: This isn't an activity you would like to perform with your top clothes and olso on a nausea stomach!  Include the next products:

– Metallic coal hanger

– Plastic supermarket bag (without any openings)

– Silicone gloves

–  3/4 glass sodium bicarbonate

– 1/2 glass of white wine vinegar

– A big, old piece of material or a towel

– A pot with very hot water


Steps to be followed for a successful project

Get rid of the shower drain lid, being very careful don't drop any type of screws inside the drainage system. Working with plastic hand protection, cleap-up the drain lid of any accrued hair.

Bend a metallic coat hanger so the hanger segment creates a hook. Take advantage of this in order to fish out side any kind of lumps of hair that could be blocking your drainage system. Utilize an plastic shopping bag useful to trap the rubbish. Rapidly tie up the plastic bag close to retain the smell.

  • Get the sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar and also the towel prepared in front of you.
  • Put the sodium bicarbonate in the shower drainage system.
  • Put the white vinegar in the shower drain immediately after.
  • Right away connect the drain using the towel. The sodium bicarbonate combined with white vinegar will certainly take action together to create a effervescent mixture that the towel should help include.
  • Wait around 20 minutes. Take advantage of this occasion to get the boiling water.
  • Get rid of the towel and gradually add all of the very hot water straight down the drainage.
  • Use the water from your shower room to test and see if the drain system is operating clear. Otherwise, do this again.
  • Open up your window in addition to air out your restroom.
  • You might have to repeat the procedure the day after in case the smell didn't go away.

In case this try to clear away your shower drain system was unsuccessful and the smell still fills the bathroom, the clog could be deeper in the water pipe needing to use a sewer snake. If after these steps have not managed to fix the problem,  it would be time to get in touch with the plumbing technician. This eco-friendly  process of cleaning your shower drain, nevertheless, generally does the secret, so it is really worth an attempt.