CopperLab 5X5 Square Stainless Steel Tile Insert Shower Drains – FREE SHIPPING
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CopperLab 5X5 Square Stainless-Steel Tile Insert Shower Channels Drains Systems – FREE SHIPPING

CopperLab 5X5 Square Stainless Steel Tile Insert Showers Drains Reviews Square Stainless-Steel shower waste details:

 * Made by Stainless Steel material.

 * 5 inch tile insert grate.

 * Designed for showers drains or any other 2 inch drains.

 * Square Tile insert drain dimensions: 5.4" x 5.4" x 2.4"

 * 39 Inch tile tray height

 * 87 inch full shower waste system height

 * Square tile-insert channel drains only for indoor applications.

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