CopperLab Stainless Steel Linear Drain for Shower – 30 to 60 Inch – FREE SHIPPING

Stainless Steel Linear Drain Shower - 30 to 36 Inch

 Linear channel drainage system details:

* Stainless Steel Linear Drain with Standard Grate and Free Drain Height Adjuster.

* Choose from 4 linear shower drains sizes – 30 Inch to 60 Inch.

* Linear Drainage channel for showers with 2 Inch outlet drain.

* Linear shower drain weight: 4.5 pounds

* Channel drainage shower material: made 100% by 304 Strong Stainless Steel

* Includes filter to trap undesirable elements from going down to drain.

* Drainage channel for showers easy to clean and install.

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CopperLab Linear shower drain with stainless steel grate – 30 to 48 inch
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